Adbusters 158 – A New Structure of Feeling


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We’re an international collective of activists, artists, writers, designers, musicians, philosophers, poets, punks and wild hearts.

Join us as we take down Big Tech. Clean up the toxic areas of our mental environment. Reverse the upward flow of wealth. Punish every corporation that betrays the public trust. Hold corrupt politicians accountable. Wake up a thoughtless, complacent culture. Fight the psychological takeover of the all-seeing advertising–surveillance industry. Quit following and retweeting . . . start thinking, speaking and acting for ourselves.

Our aim is to catalyze a sudden unexpected moment of truth, a stunning reversal of perspective — a global mind shift — from which the corpo-consumerist forces never fully recover.

Join us . . . and fuck up every system that keeps you from living your dreams.

AB 158: A New Structure of Feeling

Nobody quite knows why our Western egos are so big.

Maybe it’s got something to do with the fact that, more than many other cultures, we live inside our heads. And when you live inside your head, then it’s basically all about you, you, you.

Narcissism, ego, and hyper-individuality are gnawing away inside us. In their outward forms and manifestations they’re clogging the sky and tainting the water, making the planet unlivable. To survive this century of crisis, we have to come up with a new tone, a new ambiance, a new sensuality. A new structure of feeling.

Can we learn to live suddenly without thinking?

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