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Silicon Values: The Future of Free Speech under Surveillance Capitalism, with Jillian C. Yorke in conversation with Adam Greenfield [online event]

How do Google, Facebook and Amazon threaten our democracy? What is the impact of surveillance capitalism on our right to free speech? Join leading campaigner Jillian C. Yorke for an exploration of how corporations and platforms exercise more control over our ability to access information and share knowledge than any state. Jillian will show how […]

Free – £3.00

BOOK LAUNCH: Disturbing the Body, with Abi Hynes and Irenosen Okojie

Three feminist bookshops have joined forces with Boudicca Press to celebrate ​Disturbing The Body​, a subversive collection of speculative memoir about misbehaving bodies. Disturbing The Body Body ​will launch across three nights, with​ Lighthouse, Five Leaves ​and Housmans​ bookshops each hosting a new pairing of writers. The ambitious three-part launch reflects the creativity and character […]

Free – £3.00

Come Join Our Disease: Sam Byers in conversation with Juliet Jacques [online event]

We are very pleased to announce Sam Byers will be joining Juliet Jacques at this Housmans online event to discuss Sam's latest novel, Come join Our Disease (published March 18, Faber). This darkly comic story follows Maya, a homeless radical who's given an opportunity to re-enter society through raising a tech-company's philanthropic profile. Marred by […]

Free – £3.00

What White People Can Do Next : From Allyship to Coalition – Emma Dabiri in conversation with Mikaela Loach

Due to high demand for this event, we have released an extra batch of tickets including book plus entry, solidarity tickets and free RSVPs. Please see below. (Updated 6th April 2021) WHEN IT COMES TO RACIAL JUSTICE, HOW DO WE TRANSFORM DEMONSTRATIONS OF SUPPORT INTO REAL AND MEANINGFUL CHANGE? The Black Feminist Bookshop and Housmans […]

Free – £3.00

BOOK LAUNCH: System Crash – An activist guide to making revolution, with Neil Faulkner and Simon Hannah [online event]

Pandemic, climate crisis, endless war, mega-slums, police repression, creeping fascism, economic stagnation: these shape our world. This book provides hope for an alternative future. We're really pleased at Housmans to celebrate the launch of the latest offering from Resistance Books. System Crash is an activist guide to making revolution, a call to arms. Written by […]

Free – £3.00

The New Age of Empire: How Racism and Colonialism Still Rule the World, with Kehinde Andrews and Imarn Ayton

The West is rich because the Rest is poor. Capitalism is racism. The West congratulates itself on raising poverty by increments in the developing world while ignoring the fact that it created these conditions in the first place, and continues to perpetuate them. We are delighted to welcome Kehinde Andrews and Imarn Ayton to virtual […]

Free – £3.00

White Skin, Black Fuel: On the Dangers of Fossil Fascism – with Andreas Malm, Laudy van den Heuvel and Anoushka Zoob Carter in conversation with Ash Sarkar

What does the rise of the far right mean for the battle against climate change? Housmans is pleased to welcome Andreas Malm and Laudy van den Heuvel and Anoushka Zoob Carter from the Zetkin Collective to discuss White Skin, Black Fuel, the first study of the far right’s role in the climate crisis. Fossil-fuelled technologies […]

Free – £3.00

Border Abolition Now: Fortress Europe and the Migration Crisis – Harsha Walia in conversation with Gargi Bhattacharyya and Maya Goodfellow [online event]

How do borders divide the international working class and consolidate imperial, capitalist, and racist rule? Housmans is very pleased to announce this joint event with Haymarket Books, a radical, independent, nonprofit book publisher. Amidst a global pandemic, governments around the world have accelerated border closings, imposed more barriers to asylum seekers, and expanded immigrant detention. […]

Not Quite Right for Us: Celebrating flipped eye and Speaking Volumes, with Sharmilla Beezmohun and Colin Grant

Housmans is very proud to announce a joint event with flipped eye and Speaking Volumes to celebrate the publication of Not Quite Right for Us, an anthology featuring 40 international voices talking about outsider-ness. This event is also part of flipped eyes's 20th anniversary celebrations. Not Quite Right for Us is published in collaboration with […]

Free – £3.00

Left Populism in Europe: Lessons From Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos – Marina Prentoulis in conversation with Kate Hudson [online event]

What we can do to harness the power of broad-based, popular left politics? We are really pleased to welcome Marina Prentoulis to virtual Housmans to discuss her new book with Pluto Press, Left Populism in Europe: Lessons From Jeremy Corbyn to Podemos. Marina will be in conversation with Kate Hudson, the General Secretary of the […]

Free – £3.00

The Marks Left on Her – Di Lebowitz in conversation with Minna Salami **POSTPONED**

**Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has now been postponed and will be part of our autumn events programme. More information to follow soon** In The Marks Left on Her, Di Lebowitz explores her experiences growing up with mixed heritage in her Hong Kongese family and attempting to navigate a world in which she is misunderstood and […]

Free – £3.00

Transgender Marxism -with Jules Joanne Gleeson, Elle O’Rourke and Nat Raha in conversation with Shon Faye [online event]

The first collection of its kind, Transgender Marxism is a provocative and groundbreaking union of transgender studies and Marxist theory. Housmans is pleased to welcome Jules Joanne Gleeson, Elle O'Rourke and Nat Raha to discuss Transgender Marxism. This event will be chaired by Shon Faye. Exploring trans lives and movements, this discussion will delve into the experience […]

Free – £3.00

The Revenge of the Real: Politics for a Post-Pandemic World – Benjamin Bratton in conversation with Nick Srnicek [online event]

Even when separated, we are still enmeshed. Can the world govern itself differently? COVID-19 exposed the pre-existing conditions of the current global crisis. Many Western states failed to protect their populations, while others were able to suppress the virus only with sweeping social restrictions. In contrast, many Asian countries were able to make much more […]