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‘The Hippy Trail: A History’ with Sharif Gemie
Wednesday 6th December, 7pm

‘The Mainstreaming Of The Far-Right’ with Julia Ebner and Paul Stocker
Thursday 7th December, 7pm

‘Not here: a queer anthology of loneliness’ with Richard Dodwell, Timothy Thornton, Verity Spott and Bertie Marshall
Wednesday 13th December, 7pm

‘The Digital Critic:
Literary Culture Online’
with Houman Barekat, Joanna Walsh and Robert Barry
Wednesday 10th January, 7pm

‘The New Poverty’
with Stephen Armstrong
Wednesday 17th January, 7pm

‘Tear Gas:
From the Battlefields of WWI to the Streets of Today’
with Anna Feigenbaum
Wednesday 31st January, 7pm

"Support the shop that supports your campaigns!"



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Environment, Food & Sustainability

From global warming to population growth to permaculture gardening, we stock books that cover all aspects of the debates around green politics and strategies for sustainablilty.


Did you know that Housmans shares a building with Campaign Against Climate Change?



Slow Food Story

The Slow Food Story

Geoff Andrews

(Pluto Press, 2008)



Permaculture Garden

The Permaculture Garden

Graham Bell

(Permanent Publications, 2007)



Food Wars

The Food Wars

Walden Bello

(Verso, 2009)



The Burning Question

The Burning Question

We Can't Burn Half the World's Oil, Coal and Gas.
So what do we do about it?

Mike Berners-Lee and Duncan Clark

(Pluto Press, 2004)



Permaculture: A Beginner's Guide

Graham Burnett

(Spiralseed, 2012)



Loving This Planet

Loving This Planet
Leading Thinkers Talk About How to Make a Better World

Helen Caldicott

(The New Press, 2012)



No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

The No Nonsense Guide to Climate Change

Danny Chivers

(New Internationalist, 2011)



Population 10 Billion

Population 10 Billion
The Coming Demographic Crisis
And How to Survive It

Danny Dorling

(Constable, 2013)



Fracking Capitalism

Fracking Capitalism
Action Plans for the Eco-Social Crisis

Edited by Paul Feldman

(Lupus Books, 2013)




Adventures on the Margins of a Wasteful Society

Katharine Hibbert

(Ebury Press, 2010)



Prosperity Without Growth

Prosperity Without Growth
Economics For A Finite Planet

Tim Jackson

(Routledge, 2009)



Derrick Jensen Reader

The Derrick Jensen Reader
Writings on the Environmental Revolution

Derek Jensen

(7 Stories Press, 2012)



Deep Green Resistance

Deep Green Resistance
Strategy to Save the Planet

Derrick Jensen, Aric McBay, Lierre Keith

(7 Stories Press, 2011)



Parched City

Parched City

Emma M. Jones

(Zero Books, 2013)



Carbon Democracy

Carbon Democracy
Political Power in the Age of Oil

Timothy Mitchell

(Verso, 2011)



Stuffed and Starved

Stuffed and Starved
From Farm to Fork the Hidden Battle for the World Food System

Raj Patel

(Porotbello Books, 2013)



Eating Animals

Eating Animals

Jonathan Safran Foer

(Penguin, 2011)



To Die For

To Die For
Is Fashion Wearing Out the World?

Lucy Siegle

(Fourth Estate 2011)



The Rise of the Green Left

The Rise of the Green Left
A Global Introduction to Ecosocialism

Derek Wall

(Pluto Press, 2010)








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